Adventures in Design Podcast

Adventures in Design Podcast

This was a highlight of my SXSW trip. Check out my interview with Adventures In Design and stick around or become a paid member of The Circle of Trust to hear exclusive content with my buddy, Jason Edmiston’s Artbook!

Episode 155 – Ghoulish Gary Pullin “The Maple Leaf of Trust Part 2”

Horror illustrator Ghoulish Gary Pullin joins the show and shares his love of horror and his past being in the publishing industry with Rue Morgue.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 155

  • Why bad guys make the best guys.
  • Adding bright colors to dark
  • Leaving the publishing world to go freelance.
  • Gary’s partnership with his wife.
  • There is no shortcut to success.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

The Maple Leaf of Trust Part 2

  • Jason Edmiston joins us for the subscriber content.
  • The bar for success and learning where the ceiling for earning is.
  • Never wanting to be in first place.
  • Putting your thumb print into pop culture work.
  • The shame of not seeing our greatest talents tell their original stories.
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